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X is a global network of 3rd culture influencers curated primarily by Dave Gibbons and his global family of leaders.

XUNDGRND is our network's social platform for communication 

and resource sharing.

After years of launching a network of leaders, we now have the customized a curated platform for our community to stay connected.

Being a part of this social network gives you exclusive and private community features where you’ll be able to access:

  • Unique content
  • Early Bird Opportunities to events and experiences
  • Resources like Masterclasses (you’ll see the Small Cloud Rising Masterclass with Notes when you sign up).
  • Special Digital Copies Discounts.
  • Collaborate with your own private groups

What's different than just using some other social media platform?

  1. Unique Community. This is vetted with unique individuals who have participated and are committed to being a part of this community. It's a private group where you don't have to be on other social platforms. 
  2. Curated Content. Curated by Gifted leaders to provide resources for you as we create them.
  3. Simplicity. One platform that will connect you to all of our different resources like Slack, Masterclasses, Podcasts . . .
  4. The Tribe you've been looking for! We're a network of people who are committed to a triple bottom line: making a sustainable profit (financial and social), making a difference and caring for our planet. We are better together.

What's all this cost? It's a Gift for the first 3 months.

After 3 months we are giving an early adopter rate of $3.99 a month that will kick in after your gift subscription.

Once you’re on the platform, get familiar with it and start collaborating and learning from this unique X platform.

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